I am an Umbraco MVP!

Yes, I am a Umbraco MVP this year. CodeGarden 2019 is over. I am back home and my home refurb is in the last phase. I am off to my holiday latter part of this week and some blog posts are long overdue.

The email with the news came as a massive surprise and I couldn't believe it for once. It felt absolutely great once the excitement settled down. When I started following the community quite keenly a few years back little did I know that there would be a day when I would blogging about this. I never planned for it, I just wanted to be a part of the community and help out with contributions. But I am a Umbraco MVP today. I am back at my desk and the statuette is smiling at me from my show cabinet in the lounge and I start thinking the reality about it. Like 2 sides of a coin, there is the exciting part and a tricky side to it.

Poornima Nayar Umbraco MVP 2019

The exciting bits

  1. People want to work with me. This is always good and gets even better because I am a freelancer. Its always fab to be in a position when people want to work with you.
  2. I get a cloud site for free which I can use for my learning purposes
  3. I am supercharged and motivated and I want to learn more and explore new stuff 
  4. I did a talk, my first one, earlier this year at the Umbraco Festival Deutschland 2019 and I wish to do more talks going ahead. And I am going to try and learn more and share my learnings with the community
  5. I wish to blog more often about what I do and maybe reflect some of my thoughts and views.
  6. I wish to spread general community love.
Now for the trickier bits or the trickier questions/ thoughts that come to my mind

  1. Now that I am an MVP should I be contributing more?
  2. Can I ask questions?
  3. Am I expected to be the go-to person for all answers?
  4. Am I supposed to be a programmer at the top of my game?
  5. Am I allowed to make mistakes?
Stupid, silly and I now have the infamous Imposter Syndrome taking me over! But I have decided that I need to convert the tricky bits into positives. I went from 1 to over 20 PRs across the various repos and even did my first Hacktoberfest last year. It was quite a big jump for me which I was quite pleased about. I am simply going to continue doing what I did. The rest of the thoughts are around my knowledge. I always believe that I should not know everything or even when I know things to the minutest detail I possibly can, I still think I can learn something new and be better at what I do. Every day I try to learn something and when I stop doing that my learning path stops. I dont want that to happen. So I am going to continue thinking that I am allowed to ask questions, research and come up with answers, try and be better at writing the best possible code. And when I make mistakes, I learn from them and move forward rather than being stuck at it. And above all, maintain the right attitude because I believe that when someone has the right attitude, the correct mindset, it can go a long way.

Let me know what you think :-)

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